Appendix Tapiro series

CFC gives the opportunity to its customers to buy separately only the gamma of beachcleaning appendix that coming out by series applied at the back part of its tracked tractors.
The CFC beachcleaning appendix is particular interesting for customers that already own a tractor, in fact, tank to a simply and fast 3 point coupling system, You will have at Your disposal a beachcleaner CFC, simple in use and optimal for the cleaning.
Our appendix are compatible with various type and models of tractors. We can supply variability in width depending on the power of the engine. The work system is completely hydraulic integrated to the tractor to which it is connected, from the lifting, to the loading of the sand, to the screening, cleaning and finally to the loading and unloading of container debris waste.

Technical data

Work depth capacity Up to 15 cm for all the models
Work capacity
  • Up to 6000 mq/h (Mod. 120)
  • Up to 9000 mq/h (Mod. 150)
  • Up to 12000 mq/h (Mod. 180)
  • Up to 15000 mq/h (Mod. 200)
Beachcleaner Appendix applicable to
  • Tractors starting from 20 HP (Mod. 120)
  • Tractors starting from 35 HP (Mod. 150)
  • Tractors starting from 50 HP (Mod. 180)
  • Tractors starting from 80 HP (Mod. 200)
DimensionsLun. 145 cm | Lar. 130/160/190/201 cm | H 101 cm
Sieven° 3 interchangeable inox
  • 290 Kg (Mod. 120)
  • 350 Kg (Mod. 150)
  • 390 Kg (Mod. 180)
  • 410 Kg (Mod. 200)
Material of constructionParts in contact with the sand in steel inox 316, the remaining parts in galvanized iron and painted

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